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BW642703 High performance industrial computer Dustproof and waterproof aluminium housing
The BW642703 industrial computer - combines high performance with dust and water proof for using in industrial environment. The DW64 wall mount mini-chassis provides protection of the computer. This is aluminium housing with waterproof clutches for cables and impermeability padded steel lid. The chassis provides protection according to IP66 level being a massive heatsink for the CPU and another computer components. There are heat pipes in order to drop the CPU and HDD temperature there. They contact with hot surface and transport heat into housing sides. And then the heat has been dissipated into environment. More detailed information about DW64 chassis you can getfollowing this link>>>. Mini-ITX form-factor motherboard has been installed in the computer providing AMD mobile CPU socket, two SO DIMM sockets and one PCI socket. More detailed information about motherboard you can get following this link>>>.
The structure of the product
- Chassis DW64
- Motherboard D2703-S Mini-ITX form-factor
NOTE! The computer includes neither CPU no memory modules no HDD! These components have to be ordered separately or you have to buy them youself.
Motherboard D2703-S
Mini-ITX for Industrial Applications, up to 60°C
AMD Mobile Socket S1g1
- AMD Mobile Turion™64 X2 / Sempron™
- Up to 35W; HyperTransport™1 - 800MHz
DDR2 800/667 SDRAM, Dual Channel, 2 x SO DIMM sockets
ATI Radeon X1250 graphics; VGA/DVI&LVDS support
1 x PCI, 1 x PCIe x1, 1 x CF
4 x SATA 300 / RAID, 1 x IDE
Dual LAN 10/100/1000Mbit
8 x USB 2.0, Firewire
High Definition Audio
24V DC (via internal connector or external AC adapter) or
internal ATX Power Supply
Height: 67mm
Width: 332mm
Depth: 306mm
Net weight: 2.5kg
Expansion slots
- 2x Full-height PCI expansion slot (horizontal) in case of riser card using.
NOTE! The computer does not include riser card! Required riser card should be ordered together with the BW642703 computer.
Drive bays
- 1x 2.5" HDD bay
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range: 0~50º
Power Supply
The motherboard can be powered either supplying by +24VDC directly through onboard convertor power supply connector (by external AC-DC adapter 100~240V) or supplying by +12VDC using automotive ATX PSU DP022. Power supply of the computer is depended on PSU that has been used. In case of using of onboard (motherboard) convertor power supply all necessary volatages (+5V & +12V for drives powering) have available without any extra devices. Automotive ATX PSU lets the computer operate in wide (9..19V) voltage range of automotive mains 12V (More detailed information you can get following this link>>>). Note! The computer does not include 100~240VAC mains AC-DC adapter! The AC-DC adapter should be ordered together with the BW642703 computer.
Height: 90mm
Width: 370mm
Depth: 340mm
Gross weight: 3.0kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige      RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color BW642703-xxxx-W
Power Supply of the computer BW642703-055-x
55W DP022 (Automotive, +10..19V input) more info>>>
Built-in (motherboard) converter (+24V input) more info>>>

Optional Parts List Model Description
1U PCI riser card 1R This riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more info>>>
1.5U PCI riser card 1U5Rx2 This riser card expands a PCI slot into two PCI slots and changes the insert direction of the slots by 90 degrees. more info>>>
1U5R This riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more info>>>
2.5" HDD IDE cable - 44 to 40 pin cabel cable for 2.5" HDD, 150mm, ATA-33 more info>>>
2.5" HDD IDE adapter - 44 to 40 pin board adapter for 2.5" HDD, ATA-133 more info>>>
Universal AC/DC PSU S60-120350-WH01
Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +12VDC/3,5A more info>>>
Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +24VDC/2,0A more info>>>

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