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DD51 Desktop chassis Compact
Chassis DD51
Low Cost & Durable solution for public places, POS market, routers and industrial automation. Chassis takes Mini-ITX motherboards and 2.5" HDD. Either Low Profile PCI I/O card or Full Height PCI I/O card on riser card could be installed. The DD51 can be applied as Thin Client, NetWork Device, Set-Top Box, VPN, VOIP and POS system.
Form Factor
Chassis supports for Mini-ITX motherboard
Height: 82mm
Width: 202mm
Depth: 215mm
Net weight: less than 1.0kg
Expansion slots
- 1x LowProfile PCI expansion slot (vertical) or 1x Full-height PCI expansion slot (horizontal) through the riser card
Drive Bays
- 1x HDD 2.5'' drive bay
System Cooling
- 1x 60mm fan on the front panel.
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~40º
Power Supply
PSU 45W DP032 45W DP034
Input Voltage +12.6VDC
+3.3V 5.5A 5.5A
+5V 5A 5A
+5Vsb 5A 5A
+12V 2A 2A
-12V 0.04A 0.04A
Height: 90mm
Width: 370mm
Depth: 375mm
Gross weight: less than 1.5kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige      RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DD51xxx-W
White (Beige)
Power Supply DD51
Without PSU
45W DP032 or DP034 +12V~14VDC input

Optional Parts List Model Description
2U PCI riser card 2U2FL 2U riser card that changes the insert direction of the slot by -90º more>>
Universal AC/DC Adapter (PSU) GPSU40B-3 Converter 100~240VAC/60~50Hz to +12VDC/3,3A more>>>
Fan D6020V12MB 60x60x20mm fan, 0.57m3/min more>>>
D6015V12HB 60x60x15мм fan, 0.57m3/min more>>>
Air filter F60 more>>

System in the DD51045 Technical drawing
System in the DD51 DD51, technical drawing

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DD51, front view DD51, back view

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