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DL24 19" 2U chassis 560mm DEEP
Chassis DL24
Form Factor
2U chassis supports for extended ATX size (305x330mm) motherboard
Height: 88mm
Width: 483mm
Depth: 560mm
Net weight: 8kg
Expansion slots
- 3x Full-height PCI expansion slot (horizontal)
- 6x Low Profile PCI expansion slot (vertical)
Drive Bays
- 2x HDD fixed HDD bay (cage with shock damper). Extended up to 4 by additional fixed HDD cage 2HDL24
- 1x CDD bay
- 1x FDD bay with FDD cutout
Front Panel
- Hard drive activity
- Power
- Alarm
- Reset
- Power

Detailed description
System Cooling
- 2x 80x80x25 2800RPM fans, 1.86m3 total
- 1x 80x80 PSU fan
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
Power Supply
PSU 300W 350W 400W 500W
Input Voltage 220VAC 220VAC 220VAC 115~
+3.3V 20A 22A 30A 28A
+5V 20A 21A 28A 30A
+5V standby 2A 2A 2A 2.5A
-5V 0.3A 0.3A 0.3A -
-12V 0.8A 0.8A 0.8A 0.5A
Height: 125mm
Width: 520mm
Depth: 655mm
Gross weight: 9kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DL24xxx-W
Power Supply DL24300

Optional Parts List Model Description
5.25" blank cover Z5-W
Beige 5.25" more>
Black 5.25" more>>
5.25" cover and HDD cage Z5F-W
Beige 5.25" cover and HDD cage with fan more>>
Black 5.25" cover and HDD cage with fan more>>
3.5" blank cover Z3U-W
Beige 3.5" more>>
Black 3.5" more>>
2xHDD cage 2HDL24 2xHDD shock-resistant fixed cage(holder) with snubbers. more>>
PCI riser card 2U1FR Riser changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
1U5R2 2xPCI to 2xPCI 1.5U right angle(90 degrees) riser. more>>
2U2FL Riser changes the insert direction of the slot by 270 degrees. more>>
PCIe riser card 2U1FR-e1 1U PCI Express x1 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
2U1FR-e4 1U PCI Express x4 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
FanMagic controller FanMagic, FanMagicX Internal airflow temperature monitoring and WatchDog timer. more>>
Low Profile PCI brackets - more>>
Air filter F80 more>>
Xeon CPU mounting plate EBP-604-2U Protects your motherboard from breakage more>>

PCI expansion slots. You should cutout some metal connection straps on the back side of chassis by nipper. You should cutout only those connection straps that will interfere with panel connectors. To make it easier, the connector zone of chassis' back side has been made netlike. Technical drawing
Back panel preparation to different extention cards installation Technical drawing of chassis DL24

DR-2U-500 Slide Rail Kit installation
click to view large picture

click to view large picture

click to view large picture

The DR-2U-500 Slide Rail Kit to mount chassis to 19" wall mounted cabinet/frame consists of two symmetric Holders - left and right. Each Holder consists of two parts - Front Bracket (1) and Back Bracket (2). Slide together the front to back sections of the Holders as shown on the picture on the left. Extend the Holders to the length required to fit the rack or cabinet before you install it. The DR-2U-500 Kit supports rack fixing distance on depth L from 400mm to 638mm. Notify, there are two variants to join Back Bracket (A and B). Screw on appropriate nuts (3) (supplied with the Kit) to each bracket, and tighten the front and the back sections.

Install 10 cage nuts in the rack (not supplied with the Kit). Refer to the picture on the left. You should install 5 cage nuts (red marked): 3 - on the front rack (1) and 2 - on the back rack of the frame. Tighten the both Holders with 4 appropriate screws for EACH SIDE of the rack (left and right, front and back). You need to tighten 8 screws total.
Note! Please make sure the salient side of each Holder (left and right) is in the opposite position in the rackmount.

Slide the DL24 based system along the pre-installed Holders in the suitable rack. Tighten the rest 2 screws on the opposite side of the front panel where it attaches to the rack.

For additional information refer to the page of frames accessories >>>

EBP-604-2U Xeon CPU mounting plate installation
click to view large picture

Due to the weight of Xeon CPU heatsinks they must be secured to protect your motherboard from breakage. The DL24 chassis does not have any correspoding mounting holes to support direct chassis attachment of Xeon CPU heatsinks. Use the optional part - EBP-604-2U Xeon CPU mounting plate in order to fasten Xeon socket LGA 604/771 CPU heatsinks with chassis. Technical drawing of plates

ATX motherboards have standardized mounting holes to fit different types of chassis. As to CPU heatsink mounting holes - they are not standardized. Determine and spot CPU heatsink mounting holes and then fix the EBP-604-2U plates by selfadhessive tape, glue or by tiny revets. Make shure that standoffs of the plates fit perfectly to the position of CPU heatsink mounting holes at the motherboard, otherwise the CPU heatsink screws would not align to the thread. Since, the plates must be installed prior to installing the motherboard into the DL24 chassis, all operations expect pre-scheming and accuracy of the stuff.

The EBP-604-2U plate is supplied as option. It is advisable to order the plate together with chassis.

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