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DP012B 12VDC output Battery Backup PSU (Charger) 47W
DP012B DP012B-F1 DP012B-F2
DP012B PSU, open frame version DP012B-F1 PSU, F1 frame version DP012B-F2 PSU, F2 frame version
Battery Backup Power Supply Unit the DP012B provides low cost solution for uninterruptable power supply. The DP012B acts as both PSU and SLA charger. It enables a DC supply without any break (even short breaks) and permanent charge of the battery. The DP012B has an universal AC full range input (100~230V) and DC (12V~14V) output. The DP012B two-stage charger provides a constant current until the battery reaches its rated capacity and then switches to a 'float' voltage. The 'float' current then reduces as necessary to maintain the battery at the float voltage. The charger is connected to the battery separately from load.

The DP012B is low cost fanless device designed for supplying of Mini-ITX form factor motherboards with low power consuption in mini-chassis DS11, DS12, DS15, DS16, DS19, DW62 and DW69. To install in these chassis the DP012B should be equipped with frames. For DS15 - with frame F1 and for DS11,DS16/DS19/DW69 - with frame F2.

The DP012B is able to supply load power 47W a long time even there is no forced air cooling. There is just a convectional movement of heated air enough in PSU enclosure.
DP012B Idea
Type / output power
Length: 178mm
Width: 51mm
Height: 37mm
Net weight: less than 300g
Input connector:
- 3-pin 220VAC (C14 inlet)
Output connectors
- Screw Terminal Block 2 Positions for Load Connection
- Screw Terminal Block 2 Positions for Battery Connection
Input features:
- Voltage range: 100~240V
Output features (Load Connector) @25ºC
Voltage +13.55V (no charging) +13.5V (2.0A charging)
Peak current 3.9A 1.9A
Output features (Battery Connector) @25ºC
Setting 1 2 3 4
Current Limit 0.5A 1.0A 1.5A 2.0A
Additional features
- Fanless
- Operating Temperature Range: +5~50ºC
Technical description
File dp012b_en.pdf

Ordering information Part number Description
Open frame PSU
PSU in frame F1 for chassis DS15
PSU in frame F2 for chassis DS11/DS16/DS19/DW69

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