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DP033 ATX with single 12V power source 45W
PSU DP033, click to enlarge
The DP033 is an ATX PSU designed to supply a low power consumption PCs from a single 12V power source. The DP033 is direct plug-in to the motherboard, but cables are not available if direct-plug-in to the motherboard is not possible. The DP033 is very similar to 75W DP031 PSU, based on a little another chiper architecture. They both have equal applcation and designed for VIA EPIA M, VIA EPIA ML series of motherboards (pay also attention to application notes for DP31 PSU) .
NOTE that the DP033 does not have a regulated +12 Volt output, but simply passes the 12 Volts of the input supply voltage through to the motherboard. This makes it difficult to use for automotive applications. The wide input range unit is the DP022, which has an input range of 10 to 19 Volts. If you need regulated 12 Volts, then you should choose the DP022.
Type / output power
Length: 84mm
Width: 52mm
Height: 32mm
Net weight: 30g
Input connector (two variants):
PWL-3 (3х3.96mm)
for header PHU-3
DJK–02A (with prong Ø2mm)
for plug Ø5.5х2.1х11
Output connector
- 20-pin ATX (MF-20F / MOLEX 5557)
- 4-pin for HDD (TH-4F)
Input features
- Voltage range: +12~14V (+12.6V nominal)
- Peak current: 5А
Output features
Power line +5Vsb +5V +3.3V +12V -12V
Peak current 5A 5A 5.5A 2A 0.04A
Additional features
- High efficiency
- Fanless
- Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
Technical description
File dp033_en.pdf 121kB
DP033 with mini-ITX motherboards
click to view large picture

The DP033 PSU designed to create together with mini-ITX motherboards VIA EPIA M, VIA EPIA ML compact efficient energy saving solution of computer systems. Photo at the left shows motherboard ML6000 with DP031-DJK PSU. You may put such system in 1U chassis DS18 or DD61, DW61, DW63, DW64, DW65, DW69 compact chassis and motherboard ML6000 only - in chassis DD67, DW67.
For another models of mini-ITX motherboards pay also attention to similar PSU DP032 with contrary position of output АТХ connector.

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