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DR-3U-700 Slide Rail Kit installation
How to assemble the DR-3U-500

The DR-3U-700 Slide Rail Kit - consists of two symmetric Holders - left and right. Each Holder consists of two parts - Front Bracket (1) and Back Bracket (2). Slide together the front to back sections of the Holders as shown on the picture on the left. Extend the Holders to the length required to fit the rack or cabinet before you install it. Notify, there are two variants to join Back Bracket (A and B). Screw on appropriate nuts (supplied with the Kit) to each bracket, and tighten the front and the back sections.

Install 2 cage nuts in all four rails of the rack (not supplied with the Kit). And install cage nuts in front rails to fasten case itself. For case on the photo you should install four cage nuts. Note! Please make sure the salient side of each Holder (left and right) is in the opposite position in the rackmount. Reffer to the picture on the left. For mounting holders you have to tighten 8 screws total.

Slide the system in case along the pre-installed Holders in the suitable rack. Tighten the screws on the front panel where it attaches to the rack.

How to intastall the DR-3U-500 in a rack
DR-3U-700 in rack with chassis D34

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