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DS11 19" 1U Ultra compact chassis 205mm DEEP
Chassis DS11, two ways mounting in rack
Low cost chassis for Mini-ITX motherboards with low power consumption and temperature dissipation.

A 2-way mounting cover and plenty of airflow space permit to fit 2 units back-to-back, effectively doubling capacity and connection options in case of opposit mounting of two chassis in the same rack bay 1U.
Form Factor
1U chassis support for Mini-ITX motherboard
Height: 43mm
Width: 483mm
Depth: 205mm
Net weight: 2.9kg
Expansion slots
- 1x Full-height PCI expansion slot (horizontal)
Drive Bays
- 1x HDD 3,5''
Front Panel
- Hard drive activity
- Power
- Alarm
- Reset
- Power

Detailed description
System Cooling
- 2x 40x40x25 7000RPM fans, 0.48m3/min total
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
Power Supply
PSU 250W
Input Voltage Full range 100~240VAC
+3.3V 14A
+5V 17A
+5V standby 2A
+12V 18A
-12V 0,8A
Height: 85mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 290mm
Gross weight: 3.1kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DS11xxx-W
Backplate shield DS11-E5
DS11 chassis with "E5" plate
DS11 chassis with "E9" plate
DS11 chassis with "PD" plate
DS11 chassis with "SP" plate *

Optional Parts List Model Description
2x 2.5" HDD cage 2HD15 Cage for 2x 2,5" HDD (flanges left and right). more>>
PCI riser card 1R 1U riser changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
PCIe riser card 1R-e1 1U PCI Express x1 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
1R-e4 1U PCI Express x4 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
FanMagic controller FanMagic, FanMagicX Internal airflow temperature monitoring and WatchDog timer. more>>

Wide cutout on a back side for rear I/O connectors. This cutout is covered by special low profile shield/backplate. Multiple types of plates for the most popular Mini-ITX motherboards are available (optional).
* Detailed information and full list of shields/backplates are in document    shields_en.pdf - 234kB.

Computer in chassis DS11250 Technical drawing
DS11250 case, GA-D525TUD mboard, HDD 2.5'', riser card Technical drawing of DS11 case

click to view large picture

DS11, left view DS11, front view DS11, right view DS11, open DS11, face on the back side DS11 in package
HDD 3,5'' installation
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You can mount one standard 3.5" drive in the chassis. It could be regular 3.5" HDD of 1" height.

2,5" HDD installation
click to view large picture

Apply 2HD15 cage, if you are going to install 2,5" HDD in chassis DS11. The cage consists of two brackets, they are different (left and right), so pay attantion when fastening them to HDD (as shown on the picture on the left).

One cage may be used for two regular 2,5" HDDs of 1/3" height.

You have to assemble block of left and right parts of cage and your HDD in order to have joint unit. This unit can be mount on regular 3.5" HDD bay of the DS11.

The cage 2HD15 is supplied as option. It is advisable to order cage together with chassis.

FanMagic controller
click to view large picture

Order chassis with installed FanMagic controller.

  • realizes automatic-fan-speed control depending on temperature inside chassis that reduces of the fan speed as the temperature drops, minimizes the system acoustic noise, prolongs fans service life period, diminishes power consumption;
  • assures early diagnostics of fans failures and signales in case of failures.

FanMagicX controller version supports a computer control through COM port and in addition realises WatchDog timer function.

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