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DS18 19" 1U compact chassis 237mm DEEP
Chassis DS18
It is pretty amazing! This ultra compact chassis supports Mini-ITX motherboards (VIA EPIA M/ML/PD/EK) and allows to install TWO 220mm length expansion cards as well as regular 3.5" HDD. The chassis is designed in a way that I/O and power supply connectors face to the front of chassis (no need to remove the device for routing cable maintenance). Also, it is possible to cover the accessway of these connectors (see Application Notes below); that makes it possible to build dedicated system based on this chassis. Opposite mounting arrangement effectively doubles the capacity when two devices are being placed one against another (two chassis fit back-to-back in the same 1U bay). Fanless power supply, effective cooling of motherboard with low power consumption and low heating as well as comfortable connector access allow to widen the use of chassis.
Form Factor
1U chassis support for M10 000 and PD VIA EPIA Mini-ITX motherboards
Height: 45.2mm
Width: 483mm
Depth: 237mm
Net weight: 3kg
Expansion slots
- 2x Full-height PCI expansion slots (horizontal)
Drive Bays
- 1x HDD
Front Panel
- Hard drive activity
- Power
- Alarm
- Reset
- Power

Detailed description
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
System Cooling
- 2x 40x40x20 9000RPM fans D4020V12HB-J, 0.56m3/min total
Power Supply
PSU 30W DP020 50W DP021 45W

55W DP022 75W DP031
Input Voltage +24VDC
+3.3V 3A 3.5A 5.5A 5A 6A
+5V 3A 4.5A 5A 5A 6A
+5Vsb 2A 2A 5A 5A 2A
+12V 2A 2A 2A 2A 2A
-12V 0.1A 0.1A 0.04A 0.1A 0.1A
Height: 60mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 300mm
Gross weight: 4kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DS18xxx-W
Front panel and shield DS18xxx-M1
For VIA EPIA M/ML series motherboards
For VIA EPIA PD/EK series motherboards
Power Supply DS18030-24
30W, 24V DP020
50W, 24V DP021
45W, 12V DP032 or DP033
55W, 12V DP022
75W, 12V DP031

Optional Parts List Model Description
Controller TeleServ® DT010 Front panel controller, allows to control power and cooling system.. more>>
PCI riser card 1R 1U riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
1URx2 1U riser card expands 1xPCI to 2xPCI slots, changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
Universal AC/DC PSU S60-120350-WH01 Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +12VDC/3,5A more>>>
Universal AC/DC PSU S60-240200-WH01 Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +24VDC/2A more>>>

Front panel view Code Composition
P1 front panel view P1 Composition of chassis
M1 front panel view M1

Technical drawing
Chassis DS18-M1 Chassis DS18-P1
DS18-M1, technical drawing DS18-P1, technical drawing

click to view large picture

DS18-P1, front view DS18, left view DS18, back view DS18, right view DS18-P1, open, front view DS18-P1, open, back view
Computer in chassis DS18-P1 with TeleServ controller Computer in chassis DS18-M1 with TeleServ controller, open Computer in chassis DS18-M1 with TeleServ controller, open Computer in chassis DS18-M1 with TeleServ controller, top view
I/O cards installation

Riser card is an expansion card that is used to extend a slot for an I/O card and to change the insert direction of the slot by +-90 degrees. The I/O cards are plugged into the riser card and reside parallel with the motherboard. In order to plug I/O cards in the chassis 1R or 1URx2 riser card should be installed. 1R riser card provides expansion for one slot. 1URx2 1R riser card provides expansion for two slots. Riser card is supplied as option. It is advisable to order required riser card together with chassis.
More detaled>>

Controller TeleServ® installation

In order to install controller TeleServ it is necessary to take away panel that holds LEDs and buttons. Then, controller TeleServ DT010 (open frame) can be placed at dedicated location. Chassis should not be modified or equipped by extra clamps. Controller TeleServ is supplied as option. It is advisable to order controller TeleServ together with chassis (will be installed by manufacturer)   more about TeleServ®>>

Special blank cover application

When specialized system has been built sometimes it is reasonable to cover the accessway of I/O connectors. It makes the system more attractive and safe. It also makes the use of complete system simpler. The design of front panel allows easy coverage of I/O connectors. Since the front panel is double-layer, it is possible to place blank cover at exterior layer without interfering with connectors. There are several mount holes on the front panel. These holes allow to blank connectors in various combinations. Pictures placed below describe how to install the Z18M1 blank cover to the DS18:

Z18M1 cover installation order

The rusult is looked as the following:

Chassis with Z18M1 cover installed

Blank covers are supplied as option. It is advised to order blank covers together with chassis.

Front panel customizing
Customized front panel

To increase reability and to attractiveness of the finished product it is advised to order front panel as a custom design part. It will not only allow to blank I/O connectors not in use but also provide effective cooling through coordinated air vents and more expressive face. Also it gives chance to apply different type of motherboard. There could be ordered any quantity of chassis with custom design front panel. Thought the price per one chassis will essensially vary depending on quantity. It is more beneficial to order custom design panels starting from 50pcs. In this case the price of chassis will correspondent to the price of serial chassis or even less. However, sometimes a price is not the main goal but excelent appearance. In this case it is reasonable to order custom design panel even in small batch. Look forward to receive your order.

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