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DS35 19" 3U chassis 275mm DEEP
Chassis DS35, two ways mounting in rack
Very compact solution for systems based on Micro-ATX form-factor board with P4 CPU and CDD. Chassis is designed to provide significant savings in rack-mount real estate usage in 3U rack mount space (using a wide range of regular PC hardware including extension cards). Chassis features: a two-way mounting cover with possibility to have the rack mount brackets, CDD, I/O and power supply connectors at the front or at the back (no need to remove the unit for CDD change and routine cable maintenance). Two chassis can be placed in the same 3U bay of standard 800mm deep rack. Thanks to compact design and perfect cooling, chassis can be used for building high-density 3U server solution that meets the high demands of today's business computing environment in non-deep racks or in add-on mini-cabinets within limited spaces (bandwidth monitor, firewall, router, small server).
Form Factor
3U chassis supports for MicroATX (244x244mm) motherboard
Height: 132mm
Width:  483mm
Depth:  275mm
Net weight: less than 7kg (5kg w/o PSU)
Expansion slots
- 4x Full-height PCI expansion slot
Drive Bays
- 2x fixed HDD bay
- 1x CDD bay
Front Panel
- Hard drive activity
- Power
- Alarm
- Reset
- Power

Detailed description
System Cooling
- 2x 92x92x25 2500RPM fans, 2.86m3 total
- 1x 80x80 PSU fan
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
Power Supply
PSU 300W 300W 350W
Input Voltage -48VDC 220VAC 220VAC
+3.3V 28A 22A 28A
+5V 30A 20A 21A
+5V standby 2A 2A 2A
-5V 0.3A 0.3A 0.3A
-12V 0.3A 0.8A 0.8A
Height: 160mm
Width: 510mm
Depth: 350mm
Gross weight: less than 8kg (6kg w/o PSU)
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DS35xxx-W
Power Supply DS35
Without PSU
300W -36..72VDC input

Optional Parts List Model Description
5.25" blank cover Z5-W
Beige 5.25" more>
Black 5.25" more>>
FanMagic controller - Internal airflow temperature monitoring and WatchDog timer. more>>
Air filter F92 more>>

Computer in chassis DS35,
back way mounting
Technical drawing
Case DS35, mboard M2N-MX with CPU and memory, 2х HDD, DVD DS35, technical drawing

click to view large picture

DS35, left view DS35, front view DS35, right view DS35, back view DS35, face on the back side
DS35, open DS35, without PSU DS35, with mboard DS35 in package
5,25" device installation
click to view large picture

You can install one 5,25" drive on the front panel of chassis (photo on the left), or on the back panel, with back way mounting in the rack (look at the photos above).

HDD Installation
click to view large picture

You can place up to two 3,5" HDD in chassis without any additional equipment. One HDD you install in front of PSU and the other on the right panel. Both HDD you fasten with pan head screws.

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