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DW61 Wallmount chassis Book size
Chassis DW61
Compact & durable solution for public places, POS market, routers and industrial automation.
Form Factor
Chassis supports for Mini-ITX motherboard
Height: 63mm
Width: 293mm
Depth: 240mm
Net weight: 1.7kg
4 holes 5mm on the side bends, that form rectangle 281х170mm
Expansion slots
- 1x Low-Profile PCI expansion slot
Drive Bays
- 1x 2.5" HDD
System Cooling
- Fanless
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~40º
Power Supply
PSU 30W DP020 50W DP021 45W

55W DP022 75W DP031
Input Voltage +24VDC
+3.3V 3A 3.5A 5.5A 5A 6A
+5V 3A 4.5A 5A 5A 6A
+5Vsb 2A 2A 5A 5A 2A
+12V 2A 2A 2A 2A 2A
-12V 0.1A 0.1A 0.04A 0.1A 0.1A
Height: 80mm
Width: 335mm
Depth: 255mm
Gross weight: 2kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DW61xx-W
Power Supply DW61030-24
30W DP020 +21V~30VDC input
50W DP021 +21V~30VDC input
45W DP032 or DP033 +12V~14VDC input
55W DP022 +10V~19VDC input
75W DP031 +12V~14VDC input

Optional Parts List Model Description
PCI riser card 1R 1U riser changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
PCIe riser card 1R-e1 1U PCI Express x1 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
1R-e4 1U PCI Express x4 riser card changes the insert direction of the slot by 90 degrees. more>>
2.5" HDD IDE cable - 44 to 40 pin cable for 2.5" HDD, 150mm, ATA-33 more>>>
2.5" HDD IDE adapter - 44 to 40 pin board adapter for 2.5" HDD, ATA-133 more>>>
Universal AC/DC PSU GPSU40B-3
Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +12VDC/3.5A more>>>
Converter 100V-240V/50Hz to +24VDC/2.0A more>>>
Mount bracket with cooling fan CK61 40x40x20mm cooling fan 0.24m3/min more>>>
Accompanying products and useful links Fuel level sensors, GPS receivers, GSM, CDMA modems, antennas, uninterruptible power supplies etc     http://www.rcscomponents.kiev.ua>>

Computer in chassis DW61030 Technical drawing
Chassis DW61, PSU DP020, mboard GA-C7V7, 2.5 HDD, adapter on riser card 1R DW61, технічні креслення

click to view large picture

DW61, left view DW61, front view DW61, right view DW61, back view DW61, opened Computer in chassis DW61
Additional cooling in chassis
click to view large picture

Chassis doesn't have fans in standard supply. But in some cases (for example, CPU and chipset have passive cooling system) it is better to put fan inside chassis. Apply mounting bracket with fan CK61 to do this (look at the photo, drawing and optional parts list above). If you need this, order CK61 together with chassis.

Computer in chassis DW61 fastened together with LCD monitor as one device
click to view large picture

Use special plate VP2 in order to attach the DW61 to LCD monitor. VP2 plate is designed with mounting holes that allow attachment onto the back of LCD monitors with four screws foot mounting 75х75mm, 100х100mm and 200х100mm. The plate provides reliable and safe attachment.

click to view large picture

Fasten the plate to your monitor (photo above). Mounting screw holes have an M4 thread and are typically 10mm deep.

Put the computer in DW61 chassis on the VP2 plate attached to the monitor and fasten with four screws М4х8mm and nuts М4 (photo below). More about VP2 plate read on link >>>.

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