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DW68 Wallmount chassis
Chassis DW68
Compact & durable solution for public places, POS market, routers and industrial automation
Form Factor
Chassis support for Micro-ATX (244x244mm) and Mini-ITX (170x170mm) motherboard
Height: 117mm
Width: 357mm
Depth: 306mm
Net weight: 4.5 kg
Expansion slots
- 2x Full-height PCI expansion slot (horizontal)
- 4x LowProfile PCI expansion slot (vertical)
Drive Bays
- 2x 3.5" HDD drive bay (Up to 4x - with two 2HD26 drive cages) or 2x 2.5" HDD drive bay
Front Panel
- Power
- Reset
- Alarm
- Power
- Hard drive activity

Detailed description
Operating Environment (System)
Operating Temperature Range: +5~50º
System Cooling
- 2x 80x80x25 2800RPM fans, 1.863 total
- 1x 80x80 PSU fan
Power Supply
PSU 170W * 215W
Input Voltage 220VAC 100~240VAC
+3.3V 14.0A 20.0A
+5V 19.0A 20.0A
+5V standby 2.0A 2.0A
+12V 7A 11A
-12V 0.8A 0.4A

* PSU 170W have no 4-pin +12V conn. for P4
Height: 160 mm
Width: 380 mm
Depth: 360 mm
Gross weight: 5 kg
Available Colors
 RAL7032 Beige     RAL9005 Black

Ordering Information Part number Description
Chassis color DW68xxx-W
Power Supply DW68170

Optional Parts List Model Description
2xHDD cage 2HD26 2xHDD drive holder. more>>
PCI riser card 2U2FL 2U riser changes the insert direction of the slot by 270 degrees. more>>
Back guard Z68 Back guard Z68 photo>>
FanMagic controller - Internal airflow temperature monitoring and WatchDog timer. more>>
Air filter F80 more>>
Accompanying products and useful links Fuel level sensors, GPS receivers, GSM, CDMA modems, antennas, uninterruptible power supplies etc     http://www.rcscomponents.kiev.ua>>

DW68 inside view DW68 with optional back guard Technical drawing
Computer in DW68, look inside DW68 with back guard DW68, technical drawing

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