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 Film keyboard
Cyrillic film keyboard with 62 keys.
Keyboard dimensions(mm)
Height: 200mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 1mm
Net weight: 10g
- three-dimentional with click
- matrix 8x8mm
- durability - 5 million pushings
- polystyrene
- dust-, water-, liquid-roof
- sticky base of film
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range: -20~+70ºC
Board with two connectors for film keyboard and cable with PS/2 keyboard connector.
Controller dimensions(mm)
Height: 70mm
Width: 50mm
Depth: 20mm
Net weight: 20g

Film keyboard Controller

 3U panel with film keyboard

Steel panel 3U high for mounting in 19" frame. Panel is made from 1,5mm plate. Film keyboard is stuck on the front and controller is mounted on the back of panel.
Dimensions (with handles): 483х132х52mm.

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