D2703-S Mini-ITX motherboard by Fujitsu Siemens Computers
D2703-S is a special designed mainboard for industrial applications. Extended temperature ranges, long life capacitors and a special tin-plated PCB built an optimal hardware basis for industrial systems. Additional offer of an extended availability (up to 48 months) and additional hardware and software documentation.
- AMD Mobile Turion 64 X2 Dual Core Processors
- AMD Mobile Sempron Processors
- Mobile Socket S1G1 (PGA 638), max. 35W, HyperTransport 1; 800MHz
- AMD M690E and SB600 Chipset.
System Memory - 2 SO DIMM Sockets (1.8V), 256MB - 8GB, Single Channel or Dual Channel DDR2

- Integrated ATI Radeon X1250 graphics; shared memory (up to 256MB);
DirectX 9 compliant; DVI-I

Expansion Slots - 1 PCI Express x1 Slot
- 1 PCI Slot (32Bit, 33 MHz, Rev. 2.3)
Drives - 1 ATA 133 Interface for 1 Drive
- 4 Serial ATA II 300 Interfaces (max 3 GBit/s); up to 4 Drivers; RAID 0/1/10;
- 1 CF Interface (Type I)
Onboard LAN - Dual Realtek RTL8111C 10/100/1000 Ethernet controller
Onboard Audio - Realtek ALC262 (HD Audio);
- HW 3D Stereo Enhancement;
- SW Wavetable Synthesis Support
Onboard I/O Connectors - 2 SO DIMM Sockets (DDR2 800/667)
- 1 PCI Express x1 Slot
- 1 PCI Slot (32Bit, 33 MHz, Rev. 2.3)
- SATA(300)/ATA(133)/CF Card
- S/PDIF (digital Audio) OUT
- Frontpanel Audio (9-Pin) Azalia
- FireWire (9-Pin, Intel standard header)
- 2 USB (2.0, ~480 MB/s; 2 channels per connector)
- 1 Serial (FIFO, 16550 compatible)
- FAN CPU/System (AUX1)/System (AUX2) All fan conn. 4 pin PWM
- LVDS Dial Channel/Backlight Inverter
- Feature Connector (General Purpose I/O, IrDA)
- Frontpanel (Power Switch, LEDs, Intel 10 pin header)
- Onboard Power Output (+5V/+12V) for drives
- Onboard (internal input) 24V DC-In 24V/5A. Not for simultaneous use!
- ATX Power 20 pin Connector
Back Panel I/O

- 1 DC-IN (external input) 24V/5A. Not for simultaneous use!
- 1 PS2 mouse port
- 1 PS2 keyboard port
- 1 DVI-I
- 1 Serial port (RS232, FIFO, 16550 compatible)
- 2 RJ-45 LAN port
- 4 USB (2.0, ~480MB/s) ports
- 2 Audio-In, line-out (or driver configuration)
- 1 FireWire (6-Pin, IEEE 1394)

BIOS - Phoenix TrustedCore BIOS Version V6.00
modified and adapted by Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Power Specification - BTX12V (24 Pin) or ATX12V (20 Pin) Power Supply required
Support for Soft-Off Power Supplies or 24V/5A via DC-connector (Rear I/O connector or onboard connector)
5V and 3.3V Supply Voltage on PCI Slots (PCI Rev. 2.3)
3.3V Auxiliary Supply Voltage on PCI Slots (Wake-Up Function)
On board CPU Voltage Regulator, 5V/2A Auxiliary Power (BTX/ATX only) required for USB Wake-Up from Save-to-RAM,Save-to-Disk

Power Supply Requirements
for onboard components (worst case)
Source ATX/BTX Voltage PS Load (min)1) Tolerance (max) MB Current (max)
Main Power Supply +12V 0.1A2) +-5% tbd
-12V 0A +-10% tbd
+5V 1A +-5% tbd
+3.3V 0.25A +-5% tbd
Aux. Power +5V 0A +-5% 2A
DC-In +24V tbd +10%/-15% 5A
1) PS must support these minimum load conditions for mainboard incl. processor and memory if there is no power consumption by any additional components (e.g. drives, LVDS, PCI adapters)
2) min. 0.1A for 9W Sempron processor; min. 0.2A for 35W Turion processor
Descriptions Training and application notes:         eng
Distinctive features and advantages: rus
Special Features
Silent Fan CPU and system fan supervision and control eng rus
System Guard View and adjust Sylent Fan eng rus
Silent Drives Noise reduction for optical and hard disk drives eng rus
Recovery BIOS Restors a corrupted BIOS eng rus
Desk Update Simple driver update with Driver & Utilites DVD eng rus
Multi Boot Comfortable boot from any boot device eng rus
Operating conditions Designed for Industrial Applications
- Longlife components for 24/7 use in industrial applications
- Tin-plated PCB for improved durability of PCB surface
- Revision control & Extended Lifetime (up to 5 Years)
- Enhanced operating temperature range (0 ~ 60°C)
Form Factor - Mini-ITX: 6.7" x 6.7" (170 mm x 170 mm)
For details refer to website http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com