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TeleServ Communication with computer via COM port Small LCD and 4 buttons
TeleServ® - is a hardware-software device that realizes an RS232-terminal that allows to communicate via COM-port with computer. There are 4 buttons and 16x2 LCD (16 chars, 2 lines) in the controller to communicate with user software and to have dialog with the user. As well the controller includes a WatchDog to supervise the computer; controller provides temperature monitoring, voltages monitoring and fans revolution control. The controller uses pre-charted matrix to make slide control of fans. Fans revolution varies depending on measured temperature of airflow according to matrix response (without external control). The controller assures early diagnostic of fans failures, prolongs fans service life period, diminishes power consuption and fan-made noise and increases reliability of hardware functioning due to the total monitoring of cooling system and signalling in case of failures. The use of controller combined with the system with redundant cooling facilities allows to create fault-tolerant system with long-life performance.The controller also emulates power on/off button and «reset» button for computer. These buttons are protected by PIN-code to prevent a unauthorized access to computer control. You can set IP address, netmask, gateway address, shutdown the computer, readout statistics, basically anything you want because most of the logic is implemented with a Perl script and it can be changed easily.
16 chars, 2 lines; liquid crystal
Communication Serial Line
Fixed 9600, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit operation. Connection to COM port.
WatchDog Timer
Timeout up to 76 sec.
Time quantization 0.3 sec.
Closing time of contacts "reset" 0.3 sec.
Galvanic isolation (optocouple) of contacts "reset"
Follow the polarity while attaching to PowerOn and Reset pins!
Default PIN-code: 7268
Connected Fans
- up to 4 pcs. of 12VDC fans with 3-pin connector (3-rd wire is frequence generator - tachometer. Nominal rotation speed of fans from 1500 to 20000 RPM.
Operating Temperature Range: 0~50ºC
Operating Temperature Range: 0~50ºC
Measuring Temperature Range: 0~70ºC (2 sensors)
Power Supply
+5V 0A (used for measuring only)
+5V standby 0,05A
+12V 0~2A (fan's depended)
Dimensions without Mounting Panel 5.25"
Height: 39mm
Width: 104mm
Depth: 30mm
Net weight: 0.1kg
Height: 60mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 50mm
Gross weight: 0.2kg
Available Colors of mounting panels 5.25"
 RAL7032 Beige  RAL9005 Black
TeleServ as 5.25-inch device
TeleServ in chassis D25, DL25 The controller TeleServ that is built in chassis DL25 and D25. Eembodiment of the controller allows to save place on fron panel and allows to have 5.25" bay vacant.

Ordering Information Part number Description
Controller TeleServ DT010 Without mountig panel
Controller TeleServ that is built in mounting panel 5.25" DT010-W

Optional Parts List Model Description
PC communication cable H-H-COM 10-pin header to 10-pin header cable more>>
H-DB9M-COM 10-pin header to DB9M cable more>>
DB9F-DB9F-COM DB9F to DB9F cable more>>
Remote monitoring

Example of using of remote monitoring with web interface. Information about current values of fan rotation speed, values of voltage and temperature of remote host could be obtained in your computer browser window. To get it, both web server and script monitoring.cgi that provides such service should be installed and run   detailed info>>

WatchDog timer

Example of using of WatchDog timer. The WatchDog timer is designed to overpass a computer hanging up. Script watchdog.cgi is created to learn the WatchDog timer facilities in interactive mode. This script is CGI program with web interface and you can use it for remote host as well    detailed info>>

Mp3 player

Simple MP3 player – script mp3play.pl - example - joke. Control is handled by buttons of the controller while information about musical composition is displayed as a creeping line on LCD of the controller TeleServ   detailed info>>

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