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Thermostat  a control unit which regulates the temperature near desired range Smart Heater
This thermostat is the component of a cooling/heating system which regulates the temperature of an equipment so that the equipment's temperature is maintained within desired range. The thermostat does this by switching heating device on or off, or regulating the air flow of a cooling fan. The thermostat acts as control unit for both heating and cooling system. The thermostat uses remote sensor (thermistor) to measure the temperature in control point. At the moment the input voltage has been applied to the thermostat the output voltage and heater voltage are switched off and the thermostat analysis temperature. If the temperature is lower than setpoint value theating the thermostat prevents the power supplying of attached equipment (computer, display and so on) and starts heating. This is HEATING mode. While the heating is in progress the thermostat samples temperature and switches power for attached equipment on when the temperature reaches setpoint temperature ton. This is CONTROL mode.
Input voltage (power in)
Output voltage (power out)
8~18VDC, 8A max
Heater support
8~18VDC, 10A max
Fan support
3-pin, 8~18VDC, 2A max
- blinking (0.1s/0.9s on/off) - Heater On, Output Power Off
- blinking (0.9s/0.1s on/off) - Heater On, Output Power On
- constant light on - Heater Off, Output Power On
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature Range: -40~+70ºC
Height: 41.6mm
Width: 41.6mm
Depth: 18mm
Net weight: less than 0.1kg

The DP75 based computer for wide range of ambient temperature
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Allows general purpose components (LCD, motherboard, HDD) to be used in application with ambient temperature lower that 0ºC.

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