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USB 2x20 LCD Communication with computer via USB Small 2x20 LCD and 4 buttons
USB 2x20 LCD
There are 2x20 LCD (20 chars, 2 lines) and 4 buttons in the controller to communicate with user software and to have dialog with the user via very simple and friendly protocol. Just hook up the USB 2x20 LCD to the PC USB port and find USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) connected to the system. Then you can handle with the USB 2x20 LCD like with USB Mass Storage Dongle. There are three files appear if you look at USB 2x20 LCD file system: lcd.txt, btn.txt, start.txt. You can read and write this files by regular text editor to change information on the LCD or get buttons status. It makes your getting started with the USB 2x20 LCD simple and clear. You do not need to reads tens of pages of datasheet in order to be introduced with programm interface. You can display information of PC hardware, software and multimedia within a couple of minutes after first glance on connected USB 2x20 LCD.

Framed version of the USB 2x20 LCD features great compatibility with any computer chassis with a standard 5.25” drive bay.

20 chars, 2 lines; liquid crystal with back lite
Communication USB 2.0
standard MSD class device
Operating Temperature Range
Power Supply
from USB, up to 100mA
Dimensions without Mounting Panel 5.25"
Height: 39mm
Width: 104mm
Depth: 30mm
Net weight: 0.1kg
Height: 60mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 50mm
Gross weight: 0.2kg
Available Colors of mounting panels 5.25"
 RAL7032 Beige  RAL9005 Black
USB 2x20 LCD as 5.25-inch device

Ordering Information Part number Description
USB 2x20 LCD USB2x20LCD Without mountig panel
USB 2x20 LCD that is built in mounting panel 5.25" USB2x20LCD-W

Optional Parts List Model Description
PC communication cable USBLCD USB 2x20 LCD to standard PC USB cable

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